Digital Transformation in Colombia: Conversation on Decentralized Technologies and Bitcoin with President Gustavo Petro

Colombia stands on the brink of a revolutionary technological era, driven by the transformative potential of blockchain and Bitcoin. In an enriching talk, featuring Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, president of the IOV Foundation, along with other experts, the ways in which these technologies can catalyze the country's economic, social, and environmental development were addressed. This meeting, highlighting Colombia's commitment to innovation and sustainability, opens promising perspectives for a future where inclusion and technology go hand in hand.

In a recent conversation with President Gustavo Petro, the vast potential of blockchain technology and Bitcoin to drive economic, social, and environmental development in Colombia was explored. This dialogue, ranging from reducing the carbon footprint to the tokenization of cooperative production, underscores the vision of a future in which Colombia can lead in the adoption of decentralized technologies.

President Petro recognizes that Bitcoin’s technological infrastructure can serve as a catalyst for national prosperity. Specific discussions included the use of Bitcoin mining with renewable energies to reduce the carbon footprint and the possibility of using blockchain technology to create immutable and transparent property records, which could revolutionize sectors such as the environment, real estate, and the economic development of cooperatives through the tokenization of their production.

The conversation also extended to the regulatory framework necessary for the legal adoption of these technologies. It was discussed how the implementation of an appropriate legal framework could attract investments and facilitate the everyday use of cryptocurrencies, following examples like that of El Salvador. This would not only modernize the state but also make governmental processes more transparent and efficient.

The adoption of decentralized technologies and the implementation of Self-Sovereign Identity in Colombia not only position the country at the forefront of technological innovation but also promise to transform its economic and social structure for a more prosperous and sustainable future.

IOV Foundation is proud to be part of these conversations and to start a path of work to help those who wish to implement these technologies to achieve equality of access to goods, services, and above all, to people’s identity within a regional trust framework.

You can listen to the interviewm, in spanish, with Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, president of IOV Foundation, where he shares how the meeting went and what was discussed.

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