Our Projects

Empowering together

Blockchain-based fund traceability platform

We support carefully selected social entrepreneurs by Yunus&Youth, a non-profit organization founded by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus. Through our generous non-refundable cryptocurrency donations, we empower these entrepreneurs to expand their impact-driven businesses. Leveraging the blockchain-based traceability platform AGUA, we enhance efficiency and transparency by effectively tracking the allocation and destination of the funds we contribute.

AvalDAO: First stablecoin-based guarantee fund

An unbanked group of women obtains cryptographic loans to finance housing and environmental improvements. In collaboration with ‘El Futuro está en el monte,’ ACDI, and AvalDAO, we have developed a guarantee fund that addresses the geographical and socio-economic limitations of the population.

Thanks to this decentralized financial instrument, beneficiaries build an online reputation based on their track record of compliance, expanding their opportunities to access resources.

Crypto loans with RDOC

In collaboration with ASCAV, a financial cooperative based in El Salvador, we provided crypto loans (RDOC) to unbanked Salvadoran entrepreneurs. With this project, we address the socio-economic needs of the population excluded from the traditional system, who previously had no opportunity to access loans to improve their daily lives.

...and many more to come!