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Our Strategic Pillars

Our Guiding Principles for Impactful Change

Transparency & Traceability

Trust is the most important value for the relationship between NGOs and their supporters. Since the 2008 crisis, social organizations are also faced with the need to generate trust and credibility for their own sustainability. When working with third-party sources, they need to be properly accountable, make transparent use of funds and prove the impact of their actions according to established standards.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) can greatly improve the lives of vulnerable individuals by empowering them with greater control and ownership of their personal data. SSI provides increased privacy, security, and autonomy, and enables easier access to critical services such as healthcare, education, and financial support. Additionally, SSI can facilitate trust and collaboration between individuals and organizations, leading to more efficient and effective service delivery.

Financial Empowerment

Blockchain empowers financial inclusion by providing transparent, secure, and accessible financial services. It reduces fraud, lowers costs, and enables individuals to control their own assets, fostering financial independence. Also, by facilitating efficient and direct peer-to-peer transactions, blockchain simplifies access to goods and services, promoting economic empowerment and inclusion for all.


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Press Release

IOV Foundation’s AGUA Initiative Enhances Transparency

The IOV Foundation is advancing sustainability with the implementation of AGUA, a groundbreaking tool developed in collaboration with global blockchain experts. This initiative enhances transparency and strengthens trust in environmental and social projects, utilizing decentralized technology to ensure data integrity and accountability. Currently, AGUA’s second use case is being tested in a participatory carbon project, further demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting commitments to community-led sustainability efforts.

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Press Release

IOV Foundation and CAF: Allies in the Digital Transformation of Latin America and the Caribbean

IOV Foundation, in its mission to promote an inclusive and secure digital future, is proud to have co-organized the first Self-Sovereign Digital Identity Forum with CAF – the development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean. This historic event, held within the context of Colombia 4.0 in Bogotá, represents a milestone in our efforts to promote emerging technologies centered on citizens and the democratization of digital access in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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IOV Foundation, Colombia

Digital Transformation in Colombia: Conversation on Decentralized Technologies and Bitcoin with President Gustavo Petro

Colombia stands on the brink of a revolutionary technological era, driven by the transformative potential of blockchain and Bitcoin. In an enriching talk, featuring Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, president of the IOV Foundation, along with other experts, the ways in which these technologies can catalyze the country’s economic, social, and environmental development were addressed. This meeting, highlighting Colombia’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, opens promising perspectives for a future where inclusion and technology go hand in hand.

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Press Release

Yunus & Youth, IOV Foundation, and Globant unite to contribute to global sustainable development

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, Yunus & Youth and the IOV Foundation strengthened the work of social entrepreneurs committed to helping in their communities. Through AGUA, the transparency platform developed by Globant and partially funded by IOV Labs and Unicef Innovation, the beneficiaries of this project received financial support to achieve their impact objectives.

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What do we do

We believe that by harnessing the power of digital technology, blockchain, and collaboration, we can break down barriers and create a more equitable society where everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

Our Ecosystem

Our diverse community of passionate individuals, businesses, and organizations share a common vision and values.

We believe in the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies, especially open and public blockchain, to revolutionize business models, empower individuals, and create positive impact on a global scale.

We are part of a community dedicated to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future.