IOV Foundation’s AGUA Initiative Enhances Transparency

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The IOV Foundation is advancing sustainability with the implementation of AGUA, a groundbreaking tool developed in collaboration with global blockchain experts. This initiative enhances transparency and strengthens trust in environmental and social projects, utilizing decentralized technology to ensure data integrity and accountability. Currently, AGUA’s second use case is being tested in a participatory carbon project, further demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting commitments to community-led sustainability efforts.

IOV Foundation and CAF: Allies in the Digital Transformation of Latin America and the Caribbean

IOV Foundation, in its mission to promote an inclusive and secure digital future, is proud to have co-organized the first Self-Sovereign Digital Identity Forum with CAF – the development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean. This historic event, held within the context of Colombia 4.0 in Bogotá, represents a milestone in our efforts to promote emerging technologies centered on citizens and the democratization of digital access in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Yunus & Youth, IOV Foundation, and Globant unite to contribute to global sustainable development

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, Yunus & Youth and the IOV Foundation strengthened the work of social entrepreneurs committed to helping in their communities. Through AGUA, the transparency platform developed by Globant and partially funded by IOV Labs and Unicef Innovation, the beneficiaries of this project received financial support to achieve their impact objectives.